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Date: 18-07-2022

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Sturia Caviar

A princess storie

In the early twentieth century, sturgeon Acipenser sturio was largely present in the estuary of the Gironde, Dordogne and the Garonne where females went back to spawn. The Legend said that a Russian Princess, crossing the Gironde, was horrified to see that the fishermen kept the fish while the eggs were roughly thrown into the sea or given to the ducks! She explained that in her country this dish was sold very expensive, and fishermen were amassing real fortunes. Thus, in 1920, starts caviar production on the right bank of the Gironde, up to nearly 5 tons per year!


Sturia is the flagship brand of Sturgeon – the leading French caviar producer. 

The company was set up near Bordeaux 20 years ago and has pioneered sturgeon farming in France. It produces around 12 tonnes of caviar a year, which is sold all over the world. Sturgeon is thus promoting French gastronomy’s international influence.

Discover the legend of this great delicacy with Sturia!

Our caviar is lightly salted, which releases all of its long hazelnut flavours on your palate.

The Sturia caviar range offers a wide variety of sensations and the fresh, natural flavour of a remarkable product.
A tin of caviar on a bed of ice is all you need – Sturia caviar can be eaten on its own. You'll love caviar’s roll-in-the-mouth eggs when you taste it in small spoonfuls.

Used in cuisine, caviar really enhances your dishes with the subtle iodine hints that have made its name with the greatest chefs. Sturgeon has 9 different sturgeon farming and caviar production sites: The Guyenne fish hatchery, the largest fish hatchery in Europe, 6 aquafarms and a caviar production plant.


Comprehensive Expertise, ‘from Egg to Egg’.

Sturgeon farming is a Very Long, Painstaking Process. 
After obtaining fry from our best spawners, we have to wait 3 years before we can use ultrasound techniques to determine the fish sex. Sturgeon was the first company to use ultrasonographs for sexing and determining egg maturity. Females are then farmed in ponds for approximately 8 years until they reach maturity.

Further ultrasounds and a biopsy (to taste the caviar and check its quality) help us decide when to fish the sturgeon. Caviar is a seasonal product and sturgeon are fished between September and March.

An 8-year-old female sturgeon weighs about ten kilos and yields approximately 10% of her weight in caviar.


Caviar Is Produced Using Traditional Methods.

Our caviar is made in accordance with traditional expertise: the grains are carefully hand-sieved, washed in clean water, mixed with salt and tinned – nothing more! The caviar is then matured naturally in our maturation rooms.

This traditional expertise releases all of caviar's balanced, hazelnut flavours. The crunchy eggs are lightly salted using the Malossol method, which brings out their unrivalled flavour and length on the palate.


The breeding of sturgeons for the production of caviar allows the return of this exceptional fish to the great tables and contributes to its preservation.

As such, Sturgeon is involved in the preservation of European sturgeon and its reintroduction into the natural environment.

The Sturgeon fish farms, fed by naturally healthy springs and rivers in Gironde and Charente maritime, offer ideal ponds for sturgeon, which find large spaces to develop, feed and evolve serenely.

Respect for the ecological balance is at the heart of our concerns, with particular attention to water and the well-being of fish to offer you an irreproachable and natural product.


Succeed in your tasting...

Caviar is very sensitive to temperature variations. The box must be kept closed and stored in the bottom of your refrigerator until the time of tasting.

Place crushed ice in a dish, hollow plate or caviar service and place the caviar box on top.

It is not necessary to open the box in advance, on the contrary, the opening is part of the ceremony in front of your guests. To open the box (which is sealed under vacuum), lever it with a spoon or use our Sturia key.

There is no need to mix or add any condiment, caviar is sufficient on its own.

Serve immediately with teaspoons of mother-of-pearl, porcelain, nylon or wood, but avoid metal that oxidizes caviar.

Spoon tasting is the simplest and most convivial way to enjoy caviar because it is the only way to appreciate its subtle flavours. If, however, you want to accompany your tasting with garnishes, favour neutral tastes and banish sugar. Caviar can be served with crème fraîche, blinis, soft-boiled eggs, chunks of sliced potato...


Vintage -The refined Baerii

Sturia Vintage caviar is our best ambassador! From production of Acipenser Baerri Sturgeon.

Its shiny beads are firm and grant an explosion in the mouth of fruity and iodized flavours...

Gourmet and subtle caviar.



Oscietra - The French Osciétre

Sturia Oscietra caviar, from our exclusive production of Gueldenstaedtil sturgeon fish carries its marine notes with a touch of dried fruit, creatin a very special caviar.

The firm golden brown Oscietra roe roll perfectly across the palate, gradually freeing their delicate flavour.

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