Isigny Mimolette 1/2 Vieille 9M 3.2kg

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Mimolette is a hard, round, “bowling ball” shaped, orange cheese made from pasteurised cow’s milk. It was traditionally produced around the city of Lille- hence it’s second name “Boule de Lille”. Before that, in the early 18th century, Mimolette was called “Vieux Hollande” because it was inspired by the Dutch Edam cheese. To distinguish the French version from Edam, the first Mimolette was coloured with carrot juice, but later annatto, a natural plant colouring, was used to give its distinctive rich orange colour.
This hard cheese keeps very well and was very popular with miners in the Northeast of France. When young, it delivers a pleasing warm, and creamy taste, which becomes stronger and tastier with age- up to 2 years old, when it is considered, a gourmet tasting experience.

Technical Informations
Origin Normandy, France
Type pressed cooked, hard
Milk pasteurized cow's milk
Rind natural, orange to grey
Texture semi hard to hard
Flavour slightly salty, fruity
Aroma gentle, neutral